Black Heart

It’s black, he said, a black heart
it was my ring, black heart
is your heart black? he asked
of course not.
would it be better if my heart was black
black, colorless, and empty?

I don’t think I have a heart though
I just have these deadly desires
deep desires and needs inside me
that is not a heart I have there
there are colorful spirits inside
I would call them spirits
for I know not what to call them
spirits. If I only believed in them

a black heart, he said.
Yes black. It looked black
At least it’s not white.
Makes one wonder
is it a black heart?
is it foul and full of sins?
Or simply pure and beautiful?

No, it’s not a heart I have.
It’s a spirit.
full of desires and dreams
Pride and courage.
defining a solid woman
or at least
I believe to be

January 16th 2012

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