Here and There

I stand alone among my shadows.
These shadows no longer murmuring,
The words they held years ago.
I hear the echoes of destiny,
all tones of wilderness.
And I,
by myself,
walk to the edge of the seven boundaries of the earth,
climb the thirteen mountains of wisdom,
and finally,
fight the army of melancholy,
for what?

up in the mountains of greed
I fight the gods of agony,
I vanquish the warriors of wilderness,
to join the passionate sirens.

in the pure clouds,
I can find the safe gates
of love,
of sadness and pain.
While still looking at the fields of blood,
right beneath me
on this Godforsaken earth.

22nd December 2013

3 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. vow that’s wonderful…you are observing LIFE in a close prospective while most people lives in illusion or dreams and they can’t see through. Thanks to know how you see and look on life’s perspective BIG. Thanks for wondershare and you have a lot to tell..keep it up.


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