A letter from Palestine

Daliya Falasteen

Dear World,

I know you don’t have a check point next to your house

And that you don’t have to carry an ID on every step you make.

I know that you are not forbidden from the sun nor the sea

And that  you are not forbidden from living or either visiting your place of birth.

I know you don’t know what a refugee camp is

And that you have never experienced that confusion of what is more important to hold with when you forcibly leave your home.

I know your kids can play, sing, dance the way they want

And that the chances of them being killed while doing so is merely  none.

I know you have electricity, water, health, schooling and all livelihood necessities

 and that pain barely knocks your door.

I know you might have never seen blood but on TV,

And that you none of your…

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