The voice of Palestine

You voraciously craved for me,
even before you met me,
you were eager to claim me.

You grabbed me by the hand,
and dragged me with you.
You started disrobing me
while I resisted.
You had more power
and there you told me
you’re entitled to possess me.
It is your right, you claimed.
After all these years
you had the right
To possess my whole body
and soul.
All of me
for yourself alone

I fought back –
I struggled and resisted.
You called me ungrateful
and ungracious
You called me violent and barbaric,
and monstrous.

You took my clothes off –
all of them.
you chained me
and started thrashing
all over my body.
I tried to resist.
I could not fight back.

I shouted
you silenced me
you blocked my voice
you took me by force
abused me
and raped me.

You imprisoned me
for all these years,
constantly raping me.

After all these years
I am still alive
despite of all your brutal abuse
I am still alive
and resisting.
Yet every time I resist
you call me a savage,
a brutal savage that needs to be tamed,
or better yet, slaughtered

Every time I turn around crying for help,
all those people take your word
and call me a savage
Some of them rape me in their turn.

You have humiliated me
raped me
silenced me
deprived me of my voice ,
my freedom
and my soul

Now I dare you,
to divest me of
my courage
and my pride.

Little did you know,
I will keep fighting
and resisting.

July 22, 2014

21 thoughts on “The voice of Palestine

  1. Beautyful…..yet disturbing ….for me atleast …im extreamly Sorry that i cant do anything except pray n to awake n aware …may Almighty protect u All !! Ameen !


    • Thank you for your great comments. This poem should be disturbing, and I’m glad you noticed that, because I needed to write a poem to describe the disturbing image of the occupation.
      Thank you again.


      • I will never forgive these criminals for such heniuos acts, my heart bleeds wen i see corpses of little children even sucklings…true human hearts will never support these crimes ….how deluded the so called civilised n advanced nations …n i brand all those as criminals who supports israel …never mind how clever n ingenius they are…
        May God bless u all ..n Secure the palestinians ..from these blood thirsty Beasts.

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          • Mental health has been an abysmal failure in identifying the potential mass murderer and educating the public about the nature and limits of psychiatric treatment. Freud clearly stated in his writings almost one hundred years ago that not everyone can be a patient and not everyone can be treated. That is as true in America today as it was in Vienna in the late 1800’s.

            Psychiatrists need to set aside their academic training and listen to their gut, not their professors. Humans experience an automatic physiological reaction in the presence of danger. Experience teaches that we ignore our gut instincts at our own peril.


  2. Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action.


  3. Reading this stunning and powerful poem brought the childhood memories back, when I was reading for Nizar Qabbani and Mahmoud Darwish and at that time I was feeling with every word… every word has its own affect on me every word has the power to shiver your body and your senses… then I become a stone-hearted person… Thanks Arwa, thanks from the deepest that you let me again feel with every word I read…
    Yours, Lina

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    • Had I known this poem could have this effect on you I would have warned you before. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and brought up some unexpected feelings. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, it means the world to me.


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  5. Arwa, outstanding poem my sister! Sorry for the absence over most of this month…I have moved to northern Georgia. your poem speaks of your people in a powerful way with a deeply reverberating discourse. This is one of your best poems it speaks volumes on the subject of freedom for the palestinians. Your words make me smile, for I always knew you had it in you. Awesome poem Arwa my sister…hugs and blessings to you alway. I will visi your site with an offering soon! a

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    • Thank you my dear friend. I’m glad you liked it. I’m trying to improve my style everyday. I had to write this poem, it has been in me for a while and I thought it needs to be written and shared. Many people cannot grasp the actual truth about the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Writing more about all this might be dangerous for me. Yet, I cannot stop finding ways to express my thoughts and myself.


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