At the end of the show, with love and inspiration, the whole audience roared with love and gratitude. The great international musician (Mozart of our age) declared that his performance is to promote peace in this godforsaken country. Maybe there’s hope, with music there can always be hope. But when I saw that man holding the Israeli flag up high I knew there’s no such thing as peace. 

10 thoughts on “Hope?

  1. I’ve written two poems recently on the same topic and even though I’m beginning to feel powerless as to the possibility of peace, I can’t lose hope. We can’t lose hope because if we do, then we’ve surely lost the battle. Stay strong, Arwa!
    Here are my poems if you’re interested: the second one is more sad than hopeful, but how I was feeling at the time. It’s from today.

    On a lighter note, have a wonderful weekend. ♥


    • Thank you so much. I love your poems.
      To achieve peace in the holy land is impossible. No one in the whole world will admit that what Israel has been doing for the last 7 decades is a brutal occupation.
      The only hope I have recently that many people in the world started seeing the truth.

      Have a lovely and wonderful weekend yourself 🙂


  2. Hope is eternal and one day there will be peace but sometimes it’s long in coming and meanwhile things can get worse before they get better. It is often in my prayers.


    • The more I see of the days the more I become upset and pessimistic. Peace is like the weather, everybody talks about it and yet nobody does anything about it. In the holy land Israel wants to maintain the occupation while the Palestinians want their freedom. Peace doesn’t and will not exist.


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