The Bullet – الرصاصة

A true story.

Words of a child. His resistance against the occupation and the price he, his friend and many others have to pay, simply because they’re Palestinians.

This happens everyday, and it will keep on happening, because so many people close their eyes and say “The state of Israel has the right to defend itself.”  And “The Jewish people deserve a land of their own.”

A land that’s not their land. While defending themselves against rocks thrown  by little children, resisting and fighting for their freedom.

17 thoughts on “The Bullet – الرصاصة

  1. Video footage, photographs, witness statements, and medical records indicate that two 17-year-old boys whom Israeli forces shot and killed on May 15, 2014 posed no imminent threat to the forces at the time, Human Rights Watch said today. The boys, who had been participating in a demonstration in the West Bank, were apparently shot with live ammunition, Human Rights Watch said.


    • Indeed it’s very sad. And it’s just one story, there are others that can rip your heart apart. It’s amazing how because one nation must exist the other must suffer.

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