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To Our Countries – لبلادي

Music and prose that brought me to tears. English subtitles are included.   We sing and we speak for our countries, for our lands, for our people, dreams and love. We sing and speak for our enemies, who slaughtered us and deprived us from our dignity. And we live. With those songs and words.

The Bullet – الرصاصة

A true story. Words of a child. His resistance against the occupation and the price he, his friend and many others have to pay, simply because they’re Palestinians. This happens everyday, and it will keep on happening, because so many people close their eyes and say “The state of Israel has the right to defend […]

“لما الله خلق آدم اكتشف انو مش راح يدبّر حالُه عشان هيك خلقلُه حوّا” – ستّي “When God created Adam he realized that Adam would never handle anything, so he created Eve.” – My Grandma

Who’s The Terrorist? (Meen Erhabi?)

A more than 10 year old song by Dam band asks the question of who’s the terrorist? “Who’s the terrorist? I’m the terrorist? How I am the terrorist When you’ve taken my land?!” The song comes with lyrics in English.  

السّعادة والتّعاسة

و إسا بدي بلش صفحة جديدة عن حياه جديدة، اللي ما فيها ماضي بعيد وكئيب. عشت كآبة الدنيا. مش كلها، نصها، بس كانت كآبة كاملة. كنت عم ابحث عن الكمال وأخذت الكآبة بكاملها. امرات بتسائل، شو انا سويت؟ كيف وصلت لهيك موقف؟ كيف صرت وحدة منهن، من الناس اللي ما لاقت موضوع تكتب عنّة غير […]

I’m not an Arab

I was born speaking nothing until I started speaking that Arabic tongue. My ancestors spoke a language that I cannot tell which, for I haven’t looked at a record yet – but I am told they spoke my native tongue. I live in a country that lays an emphasis on the fact that I’m a Christian, […]

هو وبرلين

Screen capture from my previous blog – a poem I wrote in Arabic.

اثر الفراشة

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My name

My name in Arabic – my handwriting using supernote on my tablet. 

I’m an Arab

What makes me an Arab? The fact that I speak Arabic? Or that I’m a middle eastern? Or that my origin is Arab? There are a lot of questions I have to ask concerning my identity. A lot of issues with accepting my reality. Yet,  all I know that I am a person,  who can […]

أنا متحررة

كنت متدّينة، ألحدت، ورجعت أآمن، شوي. بحب احكي اللي بفكر فيه وأكون صريحة، على القليلة مع نفسي. أنا بنت عادية، أنا متحررة. بحبش ألبس مشلّح، بحبش أرقص بس بحب أغني، على زوقي. بحكي كيف بدي، واللي مش عاجبه يسكّر دينيه. أنا متحررة. بحبّش ادخن، ولا أشرب، ولا أنام مع شباب…   بحب أقرا وأكتب، كثير. […]