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We will not go down In Gaza tonight

How did I forget sharing this song. I was listening to it 5 years ago and now again, touching me more than ever. Because we will not go down without a fight. They can burn everything but our spirits.

We shall overcome

Deep in my heart, I don’t believe. Not anymore. There was a time I truly believed that hand in hand we shall all overcome. Will we be able to break down the prison walls and tear down all lies. Will there be a truth to be told, to the whole world, to make us all free. […]

Yanni and the holy land

I have been a Yanni’s fan for about 7 years. Not a long time for actual and true fans, but his music inspires me and drives me to the edges of wilderness. His music can easily be the soundtrack of my life. Perhaps my description of his influence on my life isn’t as profound as […]

My grandmother and Fairouz

Late afternoon, still sunny and warm, sitting on the balcony with my grandmother. There is only one thing to talk about, the good music. We talked about Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra, until I started talking about the French chanson that inspired so many Arab (Lebanese) musicians and singers. After listening to Edith Piaf, we concluded […]

I regret

Think only of the past as its memory gives you pleasure, she said. But I cannot always maintain this notion. My thoughts drift back to those dreadful memories of my ignorance. And I regret. Indeed I regret. Not being able to be rational and firm. To make a decision – to claim my happiness as […]

What makes me what I am

I have lived in those shadows owned by others. Society has labeled me. I have no say in that. I am speechless, I cannot speak what my body urges me to shout. I roared, I am a lioness and a lion. Both, trapped in the body of a girl, who wanted to be a boy. […]

I wake up from dreams

Every morning, I wake up from dreams… Dreams of my past, haunting me, penetrating my soul… torturing me. I know these dreams, I know their closure… I know their answers. Yet, I am puzzled, by my present. In those dreams, I hear his voice… fierce and cold. Painful. He is gone. These dreams, mixture: of […]

A song for Christmas – Fairytale of New York

Here goes my favorite Christmas song that I have to share every Christmas. Usually my sister and I sing it every Christmas, except this year, because she’s away. Today I realized that one of the main reasons I can be a bit gloomy is not having her this Christmas.

Far Away – a cover by Victor

Meet my new amazing and talented friend, Victor. The guy can play the guitar and sing. Spectacular and highly recommended.

There were days

We had the days all to ourselves Our hearts were beating with anxiety,  with excitement. We had all the days and all nights.  All to ourselves and our dreams. We stared at each other and we smiled. Listening to all music we had. We had the days. These were the days we had to ourselves. […]

My friend, My judas

There are those friends of yours…you have coffee with, and over some conversation they become your closest companions. You love them. You believe they’re granting you happiness, and thus you award them happiness in return, the amount of happiness you usually imagine giving to yourself. You invest time trusting and believing them… They believe you… […]

Charles Aznavour is coming to town

Well, not to town, but close enough. ever since I’v heard in the news paper that Charles Aznavour is coming to Israel, I couldn’t rest till I found someone to come with me. But then again, he’s coming to Israel, not Palestine. Usually when an international singer/artist comes to Israel, we Palestinians try to boycott […]