From Rome with Love

I just wanted to share pictures from my last trip to the magical city of Rome.

Because I don’t have enough money and time, I hardly ever travel. So yes, I’m making a huge deal out of my trip to Rome.

It was a spectacular visit.

I took many pictures with my DSLR camera, but I’m only sharing pictures I took with my phone.


Windows and Balconies

Pictures of the Streets of Barcelona – 2016

“Windows and Balconies”

Barcelona and its fascinating architecture.

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Hamburg – 2017

Last week I returned from my trip to Germany. I would like to share some of the pictures I took (and edited using Instagram).

I fell in love with the city. Though it wasn’t a cheap city (compared to the rest of Germany), it was very lovely. It wasn’t very crowded like the rest of the big cities all over the world, and it was filled with water (lakes and rivers), and lots of green (trees and others). It has more bridges than Amsterdam, London and Venice all together. It’s beautiful, and we were lucky the weather was warm (and summer-like) to let us enjoy every part of our tourist adventure.

Haifa from the airplane


A picture I took from the airplane while flying over the city of Haifa.

I’ve lived, worked, studied, lived again, grown, and loved in this city.

Even though it’s not my hometown, it is my home.

Some captions ftom Amsterdam

Taken by me with Canon 1100D
Edited with windows editor program with instagram additional filters.





Amsterdam 2016


Even if you go for one short day, you’ll need two years to get out of Amsterdam. You keep thinking about it like it was only yesterday, and you just need (not want) to get back to it, and maybe stay there forever.
Far away from your own horrid reality.

Some captions from Spain

An alley in Barcelona


A boat in the port of Barcelona


Almudena’s Cathedral in Madrid


And finally, a picture of me posing in some street on Barcelona


When I travel (Spain)

I don’t travel much, mainly because I don’t have the time, the money, or even the company to travel with. But when I get lucky and do travel I find myself exploring an adventure that teaches me a lot about myself and how I see things. It also teaches me a lot about my surrounding. Things become clearer in my vision, and I learn how to let things take their course and happen, or not.

I recently traveled for few days to Spain: Barcelona and Madrid. It was a very short, exhausting yet exciting journey. I traveled with strangers that became friends. I let myself be me. I let things happen, and I enjoyed every second of my journey. I came home with resolutions, with decisions, and with a content feeling about myself, my life, my job, my talents, my mind, and everything I do and practice in my daily life.

My journey was short and I disappointed that I did not take advantage of every little thing. With all honesty, it wasn’t how I wanted to be in Spain. I wanted to take a longer vacation there and explore every single spot in Barcelona and live in the Shadow of the Wind. But it was all I had. And I don’t regret a single thing.

I fell in love with the city of Barcelona even though I only spent some time there. It is a city that one can feel belonging to, and can feel comfortable being there. The city welcomes every single citizen of the world, and embraces them with its old yet common buildings, and let people enjoy being there without feeling left out or way too poor or different to be there.

I saw myself living there, and I saw myself feeling comfortable and like being at home. The weather was nice, and it somehow reminded me of the town I live in, Haifa.

It will be nice to visit Barcelona again and enjoy it more. I will come back for sure.

Two pictures I took with my Canon DSLR 1100D, with some editing:



It still stands, so are we

Last Monday was the second day of Easter, and we have a nice tradition.

Every year, on the second day of Easter we hold an Easter ceremony in our demolished and displaced village of Ma’alul, Palestine. The village was depopulated and demolished in the 1948 by the Israeli Army and we, my family and the other displaced inhabitants of that village, had to flee to the nearby towns, near Nazareth. The only things that still stand in Maa’lul are: two churches and half a mosque. One of the two churches was my family’s church, a beautiful church that we the displaced people innovated and cleaned. And now surrounded by nature, the church is more beautiful than ever. And it gets more beautiful in time, when we, the third and the fourth generation, still pay it a visit.

Ma’alul is part of who we are, and knowing that it’s still there and here makes it still alive, and real. For us and for our grandparents that are still alive to feel the pain of that time. I don’t have the right to speak of their pain as I wasn’t born at that time, and I have no idea what they actually went through. They went through a lot and they still smile and hold that brave look in their eyes: a brave look that says “It’s not about hope, it’s about what the generation we raised believes in.”

And yes, we believe that the village is still part of who we are. And even though we go on living our lives the way we can, we still pay a good visit to our village.

As long as we still stand, the church will still be there and more alive than before. We, the people, make this village alive. It will remain beautiful as long as we remain close by.

And here are some photos I took of the event last week:

IMG_6215 IMG_6218 IMG_6226 IMG_6277 IMG_6279-001 IMG_6282 IMG_6295

A united world

East Side Gallery – Berlin. – A picture taken by my sister Shada

No more wars. No more walls. A united world.

Because there should be a wall to write all these words on. Otherwise these words will never be written let alone read. Because our world needs walls to sing for freedom and peace.

We need walls to separate between the nations of the world. And more walls to separate an entire nation. To separate one entire nation.

Who builds these walls? Does the person who builds them know that they will come down eventually?

And do we, the nation, know how to separate from one wall to another?

A wall to protect us, and another to separate us or take our freedom away?

One country wants separation. Another country needs protection. While an entire nation needs to have rights, freedom and peace.

Walls are lovely, until they tear your hopes, dreams and freedom. And then they hold you a hostage for their own dreams and existence.

Every wall defines who you are. Live with that. Fight.


As I was sitting on the roof, with my dear beloved people, I knew it’s a lovely day.
There are too many things I crave for. And too many things I lost. But that day was lovely and I thought I had everything I needed for that particular day or moment.

A thousand candle for a thousand martyr

Ever since the genocide started in Gaza almost three weeks ago, hundreds of civilians are dying every day. Yes, we’re counting, and they’ve reached 1390 last time I checked today. Almost 1400 martyrs and around 8000 injured. I don’t know about you, but this number torments me. These aren’t just numbers, these are souls of people, of individuals, who fought for years for their freedom, and what do they get? called terrorists and massacred.

Last night in Nazareth, to commemorate the souls of all the martyrs in Gaza,  we lit candles and put them in bags that carry the name of each martyr. Each one of us held one bag and stood across the street by Mary’s Well.  Because each martyr has a name, a soul, a story, childhood and beloved ones.

I’m proud of everyone who participated yesterday.

IMG_5614 IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5657