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Some captions from Spain

An alley in Barcelona A boat in the port of Barcelona Almudena’s Cathedral in Madrid And finally, a picture of me posing in some street on Barcelona

When I travel (Spain)

I don’t travel much, mainly because I don’t have the time, the money, or even the company to travel with. But when I get lucky and do travel I find myself exploring an adventure that teaches me a lot about myself and how I see things. It also teaches me a lot about my surrounding. […]

It still stands, so are we

Last Monday was the second day of Easter, and we have a nice tradition. Every year, on the second day of Easter we hold an Easter ceremony in our demolished and displaced village of Ma’alul, Palestine. The village was depopulated and demolished in the 1948 by the Israeli Army and we, my family and the other displaced […]

A united world

No more wars. No more walls. A united world. Because there should be a wall to write all these words on. Otherwise these words will never be written let alone read. Because our world needs walls to sing for freedom and peace. We need walls to separate between the nations of the world. And more […]

Lovely day

As I was sitting on the roof, with my dear beloved people, I knew it’s a lovely day. There are too many things I crave for. And too many things I lost. But that day was lovely and I thought I had everything I needed for that particular day or moment.

A thousand candle for a thousand martyr

Ever since the genocide started in Gaza almost three weeks ago, hundreds of civilians are dying every day. Yes, we’re counting, and they’ve reached 1390 last time I checked today. Almost 1400 martyrs and around 8000 injured. I don’t know about you, but this number torments me. These aren’t just numbers, these are souls of […]

Nazareth at Twilight

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Random pictures

Random picture of me being silly, with love.


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Chasing the violet flowers of the Jacaranda to welcome the summer. The crows of the day, fly in pride. Arwa's Gallery View original post

Be cool – leave school

A good advice. Probably written by a teacher or a future teacher. Found this message written on a desk at a teachers academy.

Photo – a church in Köln

A picture I took in Köln when I was there last year. Edited with instagram @arwa13b

A Visit to the Mill

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A visit