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قصة حيفا ترويها شواهدها

Originally posted on مش عادي:
في حيفا قصص كثيرة يحاكيها الزمان  وروايات أخرى مخفية عن الأعيان هناك حكايا مخبأة بين الأزقة والجدران إنها لمدينة يعجب لها القادم من أي مكان في حيفا، حدائق معلقة أنماها إنسان جنة على الأرض ملأها الحنان ويقين أنها كونية في كل زمان لكن في مقابرها تخفي شجن على ماضٍ كان لها مرصوص…

One after another

Here it goes again one lie after the other And here they go again, every single feeling I have left. Just by walking down the street, I see your lies, in an empty carousel. The history of only five years, flashing in front my eyes, in just a mere moment. Those five years felt like only five weeks. […]

On Love – Al Saher&Gibran

I watched it few weeks ago on TV and I’ve forgotten to share it on my blog. This is just way too beautiful. The text by the great Lebanese Poet/writer Gibran Khalil Gibran (source): When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield […]

When She (Lilith) Took Me by Surprise

I must confess I was sitting idle at that time My interest lied in the smallest of matters Until that call I received About a character I haven’t truly met It took me by surprise. To get to know her To explore her reality To acknowledge her beauty And many talents I find her in […]

Time to stop , in the middle.

A young girl foolish naive. Living in a world of deceit. Looking for escapades. Reckless, not adventurous. Rebellious by heart, not by mind. Hungry for passion… It’s time to stop! But no… one last time. Or more last times. More… last times. Stop. This satanic notorious habit. Take a stand. act. Save yourself, young and foolish […]

Goodbye January

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
January, the coldest of months, where is your fresh beginning? Where are the dreams and hopes you have promised? January, the month of mystery, the month of melancholy, where nothing is lucid and pure. January, Where is your faith in us and humanity? Where is your cordiality? I sense nothing but…

Last day of the year

It’s suddenly the end the last day of the fourteenth year of this new millennium. The beginning of the millennium was only yesterday and still these fourteen years have passed quickly. I was a child back then and now a woman I am. Was innocent and now experienced with dark magic. A sinner I become […]

It’s Christmas today – a poem

I wrote this poem two years ago on Christmas day (on my previous blog). I was going through tough times back then and I was feeling different than today/this year. I sent this poem to some of my friends and they thought it is sad and they didn’t like it. Of course they didn’t. One […]

Feelings —

Feelings. I wish I never truly had. Wish I never met you, spoke to you or even saw you. Feelings that I wish I never had feelings… or fell for your eyes and spirit. Wish I never had to go through your shit. Feelings of too many years, of agony and pain. Of love and hatred. […]

My October

It happens early or just earlier than  expected. The first drops of rain I learned to hate through the years. But this is the time my own month to feel cheer.   It will take up another year to bring back the heat I had during summer time. I wrote songs of love and freedom […]

Her Eyes

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
She is a woman. A beautiful woman, full of life, she has a wild spirit of love. She dances like the waves, so delicately and gracefully. She walks like the wind, so lightly. She smiles like a child, so innocently. But her eyes, they’re tired, full of sadness, full of…

The voice of Palestine

You voraciously craved for me, even before you met me, you were eager to claim me. You grabbed me by the hand, and dragged me with you. You started disrobing me while I resisted. You had more power and there you told me you’re entitled to possess me. It is your right, you claimed. After […]