Not Your Toy / No occupation

“Not Your Toy” is a hit song by an Israeli singer that won at the Eurovision this year. The song supposedly deals with Chauvinism, which sounds like something I’d like to hear, but the tunes aren’t really that great. It’s a catchy pop song though.

Israelis enjoy fighting racism, chauvinism, and try to advocate for human rights, LGBT rights, women rights, animal rights, etc. But when it comes to advocating for the Palestinians rights, they can’t do that. It’s not part of their schemes as liberal people.

Israeli vegans aggressively fight against slaughtering animals, but they do not care about slaughtering Arabs or Palestinians.

If you dare say that there is occupation in Israel, you have to deal with the consequences of your claim, and might be attacked, jailed, etc.

And since it’s the only democracy in the Middle East, you have to be extremely grateful that you’re not living anywhere else.

Now while people celebrated the glory of Israel in the Eurovision, many people were being killed and injured in Gaza. Because as you can see, the glory of Israel means the fall of the Palestinian people.

This is a cover song for the song “Not your Toy”. The song is in Hebrew with subtitles in English. The person who wrote it, sang it and edited it is very brave in my opinion, and this song is better than the original. Boom, Boom Boom-boom.

The only land

It’s the only land in which killing innocent people is considered self defense.

It’s the only land in which imprisoning children is considered self defense.

It’s the only land that confiscates lands to erase history.

It’s the only land that forbids you from practicing your culture, because it is a threat.

It’s the only land that forbids you from keeping your memory because it is a threat.

It’s the only land that hates you because you are what you are.


When I started writing the lines above, I was thinking of children prisoners in Israel, like Ahem Tamimi, who was arrested for slapping a soldier, who refused to get out of her land.

But, now I want to share this:

Last week, the poet Dareen Tatour is convicted for writing a poem, because according to Israel it contains incitement.

The poem: “Resist, My People, Resist them”

Simple as that.

Read The terror of poetry

But nothing happens when when Jewish Israeli people publicly say, shout, write, sing: “Death to Arabs”

(Instagram Pictures above contains many Facebook profile names contain “Death To Arabs” between brackets)

This is the only democracy in the Middle East, by the way. And Arabs are terrorists!


التعليم والاحتلال Education and Occupation!

مش عادي

Ariel is a settlment built in the West Bank in 1978, since then with government aproval and help it grew to become the largest of the West bank settlments, it sits between Jenin and Nablus, and now houses about 19,220 Israeli settlers.
Nazareth, the Largest Arab city in Israel, built about 4000 years ago (early estimates, 2200 BC), houses 75,922 people.
the First has a University Funded by the state, the second has been demanding a University, and working for establishing one, for more than 30 years.
the key to success in the Jewish state aparently is occupation!
Just FYI: more than 5000 Arab Palestinian Students (from Israel), study in the Palestinian universities in West Bank, mainly Jenin and Hebron!


أريئيل هي مستوطنة اسرائيلية بُنيت في الضفة الغربية عام 1978، مذ ذاك الحين وبموافقة الحكومة ومساعدتها توسعت لتصبح كبرى المستوطنات الاسرائيلية في الضفة الغربية المحتلة. وهي تقع بين جنين…

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Palm Sunday – Jerusalem 1931

Palm Sunday is in another two weeks, and I just found this on Facebook (reposted by my dad). We’re not a family of great believers, but we do believe that we, Arabs (Christians and Muslims) lived in Palestine before the Occupation in 1948.

This footage is considered rare, though it may not be as accurate. But looking at the fashion, and looking at the people and the land, it did take place in Palestine before 1948.

The branches they’re holding are Palm branches, the same ones people were holding to welcome Jesus Christ to the city of Jerusalem on that Sunday.


Today is the International Women’s day. And for some reason, I don’t like making a huge deal out of this day. Perhaps because I’m fed up with all of the women empowerment posts on the social media, and all of the cliched statements that are recently made.

You can go around, and feel like “Oh yeah! look at me! I’m a woman of free will, and I wanna do things my way. I’m powerful and independent etc.”

Okay. Great. Women should have their own free will, and should do things their way. But for some reason I’m sick of all these encouragements and social media posts. Most of the time I feel that they are pretentious and even meaningless.

My Facebook feed is jammed with posts by everyone, including men and women, all repeating the same cliched bullshit about women empowerment.

This day became a day to show off your thoughts about feminism. And if that is the case, I would like to take an opportunity to really state why we still need feminism. But not necessarily celebrate this specific day.

  1. Though she can’t see it, my mom still treats me differently than my brothers.
  2. Men still think they can sexually harass me in the streets
  3. No matter what I do, people still think that I don’t have my life together because I don’t have a husband.
  4. Women in my home town are still marrying young, not pursuing a proper education, and they become slaves to their husband, children and society.
  5. Women in my home town are still being abused by their husbands. And take the blame.
  6. The only good wishes you hear from people are: 3o2bal tsere 3aroos o nefra7 feke (till you become a bride and we’ll be happy for you/because of you)
  7. Men thinking that feminism is overrated.
  8. Men calling you too picky and stubborn for not picking them to be their sexual slave.
  9. Men thinking that the only way you can be a free open-minded woman is by opening your legs to them.
  10. People making you feel less of yourself because you’re not married. They treat you like a child, even if you’re older.
  11. Having to prove yourself to other females in terms of education, career, marriage, and beauty (?)
  12. Other skinny women blaming you for being fatter and not caring about your nutrition.
  13. Not finding any stores that sell your size, because you’re: tall, fat, short, etc.
  14. We need feminism because of … the Middle East goes backwards.
  15. We need feminism because there are still religions in the world.
  16. We need feminism because I’m sick of people writing all this bullshit on this day specifically, because you need a day to tell other females to be strong.

Actually, you need a day to tell women to be wonder women. But in fact, Wonder Woman is not a good example of strong women who should just be themselves. And the movie was horrible.


Anyway, I rambled a lot. So, enjoy your day and feel powerful. And don’t forget that any act you enjoy doing is one step to getting over the world. In some sense.


Random Persecution. Simply because I’m an Arab.

Over the last three years I decided that I cannot keep posting any political posts on Facebook, especially on Facebook, since it’s the most exposed medium and can subject myself to persecution, or in worst cases I can be arrested for state security offense.

Surely you can sense a tone of exaggeration, why should I be arrested for expressing my trivial political views? Thing is, in Israel, you cannot whatsoever express your opinion when it’s against the state of Israel, even if it is completely insignificant.

So here I am, posting nothing on Facebook that implies to anything political, Palestinian, Israeli, or even Arab.


But I have an Arabic name, and between brackets I decided to write my name in Arabic أروى simply because no one can spell it right in Arabic.

Out of no where, I received the following messages from someone I’ve never heard before. His name is a Jewish name, I decided to cover it, because it’s not my business to expose him to the internet, but after a month of contemplation I decided to share it on my blog here (not on Facebook, because I don’t want to be harassed further. Regardless of how funny it sounds).

See below: the messages are written in Hebrew, and I took the liberty of translating them quite literally.

zionist harrasment 1.png

My first reaction, and comments are/were:
1- I’m not married, and I’m pretty sure I won’t get a husband that would rape me every day, and I don’t think I can ever become a terrorist.
2- I’m not a whore, I don’t get dicks. Especially not from terrorists.
3- I’m not stinky, I shower everyday. And where do I look for another nation? where?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who receives out-of-no-where messages like these. And I don’t even feel like defending anyone regarding this. I think the chat log I shares says it all.

But I can say one thing, if an Arab were to be an asshole and send a message like this to any Jew, he will be sent straight to prison.

Bar Bahar/ In Between – a film by Maysaloun Hamoud

I haven’t seen this film yet, though I’ve heard it received good reviews, and for once the Arabic woman stereotype is broken. For god’s sake, people around the world think that Arab women are supposed to be of one kind, but in this film, as it appears in the trailer, Arab women can live on their own, party, be successful, and still be women, just like any other woman in the whole world.

I can’t wait to watch this movie. It sounds great, maybe you should also watch it. Plus, my good friend Shaden is in it.

In a nutshell

Jews and Arabs must admit that they’re enemies, and must find a way to live with that.

Live with the fact that they’re enemies, and then later, if that works, they can start finding a way to live with each other.


The same applies to anything.

Christians and Muslims must admit that they’re racists (I’m basically referring to Christians and Muslims in my society), and cannot entirely tolerate one another, and must also find a way to live with that.


Surely you can agree or disagree.

I won’t wish you a Ramadan Karim

A post from last year.
Ramadan Karim

Strawberry Fields

Every year I decide to write a post about Ramadan: either to wish my friends a Ramadan Karim, or just to criticize Ramadan. But each year I find no words to justify my thoughts and I keep postponing the task. It’s the middle of Ramadan now and here is what I have to say:

There are few things you should know about me. One, I’m not a racist (Or as I like to believe I am not). Two, I hate religions. Three, I hate the religion of Islam in particular. And four, I always try to justify my opinion. And I mostly know that I might lose a lot of followers after posting this.

When it comes to religions, I need to say that growing up in the Middle East in a Jewish country, among a majority of Muslims people who keep more traditions as time passes by, all that made…

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Little Princesses are sick of society fucking standards

I found this shocking, yet I’m pleased.

If you’re appalled by hearing little girls swearing with no shame, then maybe you can think of the society standards. And over think about feminism and equal rights in our so-called modern society.

Facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for the same work, and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted in gender-based violence, little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism. Asking the question, “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women” these adorably articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the “princess in distress” stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as “pay inequality” and “rape.” The video also features a 12 year-old boy wearing a pink gown standing up against sexism saying, “When you tell boys not to ‘act like a girl,’ it’s because you think it’s bad to be a girl.”

Hoping that other girls can be like that and build a more convenient society for the future generation. We kind of need that.

Their Independence is our Nakba

Nakba = Catastrophe in Arabic (or as I refer to it: the Palestinian Holocaust).

I don’t know how anyone would think it’s fair that we, the Palestinians living in Israel, have to acknowledge the Israeli day of Independence.

What should I feel when I see the Israeli flags hanging in every corner?

Why can’t we remember and mourn the Nakbah Day while we have to stand in the minute of silence for the Holocaust victims and their soldiers?

Why do I have to hide my distress with the state at work?

Why do I have to hide my true identity when I walk down the street?

And then I have to commemorate and mourn in silence on the Nakbah day or the Land Day.

How can all that be fair?



Stop Asking

How dare you question anything? How dare you believe others over your own original beliefs?

How dare you question the people who raised you and taught you how to live? How dare you think on your own?

You’re human, you’re not allowed to think. You’re not allowed to question anything. You’re only allowed to eat, drink and follow the rules.

If you want to stop being human and become a devil, go ahead, become that devil we all feared you’d become. We’ll try to stop you of course, we’ll try to burn you or bring you back to the right track. Otherwise, the supreme being, the ultimate power, the God Almighty will be the one who will punish you.

We’ll be rewarded of course, because we’re trying our best to stop you. We’ll be even more rewarded if we succeed, and yes, we will.

So please stop. Stop this devilish act, and become a good human like us.

We’ll all lead you to the right path and make a better human being out of you. You’ll get everything you ever wanted. Everything you ever dreamed of. You’ll get it all. But you have to stop questioning, you have to stop asking. You have to stop thinking.


July 2015