Constant race

We live in a constant race.

Race with time, people, life, achievements and and self improvement.


Why can’t we just relax, and think about happiness for one moment?

Happiness is also a race.

Who’s happier?

Who’s living their lives to the fullest?

Who travels more?

Who parties more?

Who attends all of the events in town?

who’s more successful?

Who has higher degrees?

Who’s nicer?

Who’s prettier?

Who’s skinnier?

Who’s more happily married?

Who’s more loved?

Who’s happier?

Even when I decide to run away from this race and be content with what I have, I find myself getting outside for one bit and feel like I’m going back to the game. The game is life, and it includes this race.

I feel that no matter what I do with myself, and no matter how I content I can be, I always find someone, or a situation that makes me feel less about myself.

This world of Facebook and Instagram makes us feel that we need to show what we have, and majestify it. We have to show the whole world that we are out there, alive and lucky.

Otherwise, we’re just letting others show their exquisite life.

We live in a constant race: who’s life is better!

(N)Ever Have I Ever

So apparently we live in w a world that wants us to dare do as many things as possible.

I found this post on some Facebook group, and apparently the fewer points you get the cooler you are. Because everything on the list is adventurous activities you must be proud to “Have ever” done them.


Everything becomes a competition, and to be able to present yourself to the world as an interesting, sophisticated, adventurous person you have to do many things you wouldn’t do if you were a normal person, or you’d have a normal living situations.

Looking at the above picture, I find myself wondering: What if I can’t give birth? Can I still be a daring person? What if I’m not rich, and I can’t go on a cruise trip?

Do I really have to do many things to prove myself as a daring person who likes going on adventures? What if I find the life I’m living an adventure? What if I don’t want to go scuba diving or skydiving? What if I don’t like tattoos? or weird piercings? why do I need to do daring things to be a daring person?

And when it comes to accomplishments, why do I need to be a person who keeps accomplishing things? isn’t my life an accomplishment by itself? Shouldn’t I be satisfied with whatever I have now?

I hear people saying constantly that they love trying and accomplishing new things every day, but isn’t that tiring? to never have the ability to be satisfied with what you have for a bit, and then when you’re quite at your leisure, you can try new thing?

Bar Bahar/ In Between – a film by Maysaloun Hamoud

I haven’t seen this film yet, though I’ve heard it received good reviews, and for once the Arabic woman stereotype is broken. For god’s sake, people around the world think that Arab women are supposed to be of one kind, but in this film, as it appears in the trailer, Arab women can live on their own, party, be successful, and still be women, just like any other woman in the whole world.

I can’t wait to watch this movie. It sounds great, maybe you should also watch it. Plus, my good friend Shaden is in it.

In a nutshell

Jews and Arabs must admit that they’re enemies, and must find a way to live with that.

Live with the fact that they’re enemies, and then later, if that works, they can start finding a way to live with each other.


The same applies to anything.

Christians and Muslims must admit that they’re racists (I’m basically referring to Christians and Muslims in my society), and cannot entirely tolerate one another, and must also find a way to live with that.


Surely you can agree or disagree.

I won’t wish you a Ramadan Karim

A post from last year.
Ramadan Karim

Strawberry Fields

Every year I decide to write a post about Ramadan: either to wish my friends a Ramadan Karim, or just to criticize Ramadan. But each year I find no words to justify my thoughts and I keep postponing the task. It’s the middle of Ramadan now and here is what I have to say:

There are few things you should know about me. One, I’m not a racist (Or as I like to believe I am not). Two, I hate religions. Three, I hate the religion of Islam in particular. And four, I always try to justify my opinion. And I mostly know that I might lose a lot of followers after posting this.

When it comes to religions, I need to say that growing up in the Middle East in a Jewish country, among a majority of Muslims people who keep more traditions as time passes by, all that made…

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Little Princesses are sick of society fucking standards

I found this shocking, yet I’m pleased.

If you’re appalled by hearing little girls swearing with no shame, then maybe you can think of the society standards. And over think about feminism and equal rights in our so-called modern society.

Facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for the same work, and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted in gender-based violence, little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism. Asking the question, “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women” these adorably articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the “princess in distress” stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as “pay inequality” and “rape.” The video also features a 12 year-old boy wearing a pink gown standing up against sexism saying, “When you tell boys not to ‘act like a girl,’ it’s because you think it’s bad to be a girl.”

Hoping that other girls can be like that and build a more convenient society for the future generation. We kind of need that.

Stop Asking

How dare you question anything? How dare you believe others over your own original beliefs?

How dare you question the people who raised you and taught you how to live? How dare you think on your own?

You’re human, you’re not allowed to think. You’re not allowed to question anything. You’re only allowed to eat, drink and follow the rules.

If you want to stop being human and become a devil, go ahead, become that devil we all feared you’d become. We’ll try to stop you of course, we’ll try to burn you or bring you back to the right track. Otherwise, the supreme being, the ultimate power, the God Almighty will be the one who will punish you.

We’ll be rewarded of course, because we’re trying our best to stop you. We’ll be even more rewarded if we succeed, and yes, we will.

So please stop. Stop this devilish act, and become a good human like us.

We’ll all lead you to the right path and make a better human being out of you. You’ll get everything you ever wanted. Everything you ever dreamed of. You’ll get it all. But you have to stop questioning, you have to stop asking. You have to stop thinking.


July 2015



ISIS and Islam (pt.2)

I noticed I lost some followers due to my previous post about Islam ad ISIS.

I don’t want to justify myself, I only realized I’ve forgotten to mention few things and I would like to add them to a new post.

I want to ask few questions that sometimes I ask myself when I defend the name of Islam, and try to think of it as a peaceful religion. If Islam is a peaceful religion, then why most people don’t have the right to be irreligious or atheists? why is it a requirement to pray and practice all religious traditions? why when people don’t fast during Ramadan they get a fine or punished?

The way I see it, Islam is not a peaceful religion. When people still only care about family honor and oppressing women. Why is there still many places in the Islamic world where people aren’t allowed to  be anything that is no Islamic. why is it in the Islamic world everything is Haram? Alcohol is Haram, Sex before marriage is Haram, love is Haram. The way I see it, people no longer know what’s right or wrong, they only know what is Haram and what is Halal. Why is it that the Islamic world goes crazy when someone distorts the image of Islam and the prophet, while they hardly do anything to fight ISIS, whom as they say “do not represent Islam”?

Sometimes I really don’t get it. Many Muslim people in Muslim nations behave as close to ISIS and then start with “ISIS doesn’t represent Islam.”

If ISIS and Islam are so different, then why is it okay for women to be sex slaves when they get married? why they need to be all covered and obey men, in any circumstances?

Why is it that there’s no place for gays in the Islamic society? why is it Haram?  because they want to be treated like human beings, and mostly live like ones? Why is it that no matter what you do, you’ll always be a sinner if you do not obey God?

ISIS are indeed a horrible group that aim to destroy everything and everyone, whether they come on their way or not. And I know and have heard of many and many Muslims that are incredibly amazing and wouldn’t hurt anyone, or not even a fly. But I have so many questions to other Muslims who cannot understand the horrible aspects of religions, all religions, including the Islamic religion. The obsession with God and killing or acting in the name of God is getting out of hand. Indeed it is true that many Christian and Jewish groups are killing for the name of their religions nowadays, mainly in Israel and the US. Everyone who kills innocent people should be considered a terrorist (though I believe that the way Israelis see the Palestinian resistance as terrorism is just wrong and biased).

I see a lot of wrong aspects in the Islam that I personally do not agree with, especially the life style people are adapting to nowadays, and that is why it can be different than other religions.

It has its own merits, but none of them should matter in these days and age.

This comment was written by one of my readers:
Read here it was written as a response o a post I wrote about genocide and terrorism in Israel/Palestine.

Many Muslims see in their religion the face of peace. While they must accept the fact that many people, like myself, see many faces of evil and misery.

I live in a mixed society, and I decided to be an atheist, just to be more honest with myself and live up to an honest life style.

And I still believe that religions in general are all evil, and the Middle East is one area in the world that needs to free itself from it. Just then we’ll start seeing peace. Maybe something else will come along afterwards that will divide everyone, but I stick to my grounds when I say that religions and peace do not mix, whatsoever.

ISIS doesn’t represent Islam. So they say.

Over the last few years, lots of people grew to believe that ISIS (or ISIL – the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant) does not by any means represent the Islam.

For one thing, ISIS are massacring both Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. They fight everything and everyone that’s not them. You can either join, or you can be killed. Surely, women aren’t included: if you’re a woman, you can only do one thing, surrender and be raped, and then killed. At least this is what we see on the internet and on the media.

I sincerely want to say, to everyone, that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam and that Islam is a peaceful religion. So many people can argue, and show you how Islam cannot be compared to ISIS and you should stop being Islamphobic for one moment and accept the fact that many Muslims (from the Middle East and all around the world) fight against terrorism such as ISIS.

I said I sincerely want to say all that, but many Muslims around the world use the name of Islam for any act of terrorism. They claim they’re fighting in the name of God, they kill many people who are not Muslims, and other people who are Muslims, but do not belong to the same religious faith or ideology. This reminds me of something… oh yes, Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Islamic Extremists are a direct reincarnation of the Christian/Catholic church in the Middle Ages. Simply fighting for their own religious doctrine, using the name of God (which is the same God if you noticed) to justify their actions. It’s all a game,: there are winners and losers. There are also those who are unjustly killed. What should those do?

I read somewhere that ISIS is mainly funded and supported by the United States. Somehow it makes absolutely no sense, while for other it makes every single kind of sense. The US is the most powerful country in the world, it can control every single move everywhere in the world. The main reason there is no peace in the Middle East is because the US wants full control and wants to play a game “Have you seen what happens in the Middle East? let us focus on what’s happening in the Middle East”. The US wants ISIS to become the main representatives of the entire religion of Islam, mainly to spread Islamphobia and maybe to use them as allies to some mysterious plan we know nothing about. We can just live and see.

But all that is beyond our own basic understanding. I personally have no hopes for a better future. And I really want to say that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam, or other Muslims, but the way I see it, how are other Islamic countries different than ISIS? In Saudi Arabia, Iran and others, you’re not allowed to practice other religions. One Atheist in Saudi Arabia was being executed because he was an Atheist. Isn’t that what ISIS would do?

And if so many Muslims around the world keep emphasizing that ISIS do not represent them, then why don’t they actually do something about it? Something radical and obscene? Like put religion aside for example. For just once, drop religion or any religious tradition to do something better for themselves and humanity.

Why is that because I believe that religion (any religion) only causes evil, while others have to justify it? Why am I the dumb pretentious atheist must be criticized for my own beliefs and claims, while religions can go on and divide all of us to keep ruining our lives?

Why for once, there cannot be a complete (maybe temporary) extermination of religions in the Middle East? The way I see it, there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as any religion still in dominance. In every single country: in Egypt, Saudi Arabia , Israel/Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Religions brings traditions that are harmful for every single person, and I the non-believer believe that nothing good comes out of it. Except for Christmas. So Merry Christmas you sinners.

Adele, Fairouz, and the Arab World

The new song “Hello” by Adele came out and everyone fell completely in love with it. Some others were annoyed by people’s obsession and decided to complain each time they hear it or see it on their Facebook feed.

I personally liked the song and I think Adele has an amazing voice. Reasons why people are so obsessed with this song are because Adele is one of top singers to follow these days and people like to listen to emotional music and feel the lyrics apply to their feelings. We’re all sad and emotional and want to experience our feelings through new music. This is what I think anyway.

So, the moment came and we saw on Youtube a Mashup for this song with Fairouz’s famous song “Kifak Enta” sung by a girl, called Noel Kharman from Haifa. The singing is very nice and the combination is beautiful. And somehow makes sense.

Though the original singing of Adele and Fairouz are superior to the performance to the girl in the video, it does not take away the beauty of listening to the two songs combined. It’s beautiful and nice.

A lot of people argue that the girl’s performance and talent will never live up to Adele’s, or Fairouz’s, And then the argument evolves and people start comparing Adele to Fairouz. Being a legend, Fairouz has a different style and basically Arab people prefer her performance over others. I’m not going to get in depth with this argument as it’s irrelevant for the topic I want to present.

Everywhere this mashup cover is shared there are comments and I’m basically interested in hearing people’s opinion, especially because you make one mistake of looking at one comment and discovering how far the argument can go. First the performer Noel Kharman is from Haifa and she identifies herself as a Palestinian. By seeing her dressed up like an ordinary girl (with no cover and hijab, etc) people immediately assume she’s Lebanese, Because apparently only Lebanese women are the only women in the Arab world who are allowed to look modern and dress up like other women in the Western world. It may come as a shock: to see an Arab woman looking the same as any woman in Europe or the western world.

And let’s not forget how the Israeli people automatically respond to seeing a Palestinian girl from Haifa: “Haifa is not Palestine. It’s Israel.” Of course, Haifa is one of the most well known occupied Palestinian Cities and may I add one of the most beautiful. Jews and Palestinians live in the city and though some Palestinians lost their identity, many still hold it proudly and relate to it as the most beautiful Palestinian city. While many other Palestinian refugees and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza dream about the end of the occupation to have the liberty to come and visit Haifa.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict doesn’t stop here. The Arab people around the Arab world (or the entire world) step in and start. The most important thing is her dressing. They have to point out to her belly, her exposed belly, as if no woman on this earth can be seen without being covered, entirely. It is entirely unacceptable for a woman to dress up like that. She looks like a prostitute to them. The song, the music, the voice and her performance,  they all become irrelevant when it comes to her dressing. They blame the occupation and how the Palestinians in Israel now try to look like Jews, while most of the Palestinians actually do is live and adapt a life style that suits the modern  and normal world. Because it is a modern society we live in, not the middle ages (as seen now in the Islamic countries).

Look at Noel. Does she look like she’s trying too hard to expose her body? I cannot see that myself. All I can see is a beautiful woman, dressed up nicely, and singing a beautiful song.

But no, she’s an Arab, she cannot dress up like that, she is obligated to dress up like all Arabs we see in the Islamic countries. And she cannot, in any position, have her belly shown like that. But “She’s a christian after all.” as one commentator says.

“Why is it that the Western world comments on her signing, voice and performance, while the Arab world only comments on her clothes,” and her belly in particular. Is that the furthest thing the Arab World can reach? And we still wonder why we cannot evolve and be like the rest of the world.

After 80+ years – he was right

Today is Aldous Huxley’s 121 birthday, the author of the great masterpiece Brave New World. Has he lived to this day he would have seen his prediction coming to action.

Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the eye-opening genius work of all times. Huxley predicted the downward world and society as it has become these days,

If more people read this classic novel, they would perhaps think about taking actions to save our only world from collapsing into one dictatorship that rules the world and makes people as machines, in every aspect: socially, mentally, emotionally, physically and certainly sexually,


One of the interviews:


Comparison between his work and the great master piece Nineteen Eight-Four by one of his students George Orwell.

orwell-huxley-world huxley-vs-orwell


I won’t wish you a Ramadan Karim

Every year I decide to write a post about Ramadan: either to wish my friends a Ramadan Karim, or just to criticize Ramadan. But each year I find no words to justify my thoughts and I keep postponing the task. It’s the middle of Ramadan now and here is what I have to say:

There are few things you should know about me. One, I’m not a racist (Or as I like to believe I am not). Two, I hate religions. Three, I hate the religion of Islam in particular. And four, I always try to justify my opinion. And I mostly know that I might lose a lot of followers after posting this.

When it comes to religions, I need to say that growing up in the Middle East in a Jewish country, among a majority of Muslims people who keep more traditions as time passes by, all that made me believe that religious traditions should be avoided, for one main reason: they make our lives a living hell.

I grew up as a Christian,  but I always wanted to learn and know about other religions. I grew up tolerant and understanding. Hell, I even used to try to fast during Ramadan. Sometimes, among everyone around  me, I used to feel Christian and Muslim at the same time. But after the age of 18, after reading too much, learning more about the real reality, the one that is not banned, the one that is meant to be visible for the eyes of the adults, I knew that I cannot live a fake life, and be ridiculous.

Like myself, I think every atheist started questioning the existence of God or the supreme being from an early age. I have to confess, while learning that there’s such a thing as atheism, I started realizing that I can no longer believe. I cannot force myself to believe in entities and matters that do no exist to me. I decided to be an Atheist, because I can’t tolerate any more bullshit, and I can’t see the word from a religious perspective.

I will dedicate another post about Atheism, now I’d like to focus on why I don’t think Ramadan is a good idea. During Ramadan, Muslims have (and must, with no excuses) fast from dawn till sunset. And now during the summer it makes it about 15 hours a day. 15 hours without water, without any kind of food. Without food that can be okay, the human body can fast for more than that, but 15 hours without water? isn’t it too much? And it’s an obligation for everyone to fast. For everyone. Unless you’re sick, travelling, pregnant or on your period. But still, it’s summer time, and it’s obligatory to drink water all the time, 5 glasses in the morning and keep drinking more than two liters during the entire day. Even when you’re not thirsty, you must drink lots of water. But no, during Ramadan, you’re not allowed to drink any drop of water until it’s time to eat.

photo from

So, okay, it’s a tradition, and Muslims are all happy during this month, they get to fast, they get used to it after two days, and then the “Ftour” – breakfast (that’s from where the word break fast came from) time comes up at 8 and they all gather around one table and have a glorious amazing feast. Not even realizing that it’s bad for their health to eat too much at once after 15 hours of an empty stomach. I think that’s insane, it loses the whole meaning of fasting. Wasn’t Ramadan an occasion to feel  solidarity with the poor, hence the fasting? But no, on Ramadan people are obliged to give charity, not because they want to, but because if they do they will go to heaven. And from all my understanding of Islam: they’re only mission is to go to heaven. And it’s all done by fasting, giving charity, praying, wearing the Hijab, avoiding any drinks and entertainment, and even killing others for that. Killing others doesn’t only refer to what ISIS are doing, but also for what other Islamic countries are doing: execution for adultery, fornication, prostitution, robbery, being homosexual, etc. And that’s all because punishing the sinner on earth while he or she is still alive will ease God’s punishment when they die. I’m sorry, but I must say that’s a complete horseshit.

Anyway, back to Ramadan. During this month in Islamic or just Muslim cities or countries it’s illegal to eat in public. The penalty differentiate from one place to another: in some places you only get to pay a fine, in other places you get God-knows how many lashes and spending time in prison. Is that fucking fair?

Now lots of Muslims will be offended by my post, they will call me ignorant for giving small and little facts about what’s going on in the world of extreme Islam. But paying a fine for eating in public during Ramadan is in almost every Muslim town. People have to admit that the Islamic religion is not a moderate religion, the rules are strict and most of the time they don’t make any sense. I know lots of secular Muslims, but by a lot I mean just a few, and maybe some of them grew up in secular families, others had to suffer a lot to become secular. And it mostly depends on the place. Maybe in places like Haifa, Yafa, Acre and some other mixed cities people can easily be secular, but in most Muslim towns and villages the notion of being secular does not exist. That’s why young people who want to actually live move to much more convenient place.

I don’t know how that works in other Arab countries, but I know that’s how it goes for the Palestinian people, especially the ones living inside Israel.

To cut a long post short, you can call me racist, or ignorant, but that won’t change my view on religions, and especially the Islamic one, and I think that Ramadan is just a month to keep the ridiculous, difficult and pointless tradition alive. Ramadan is an example of why the Muslim world will keep going backwards. Because keeping traditions comes with a good price, and everyone is stubborn to keep all stupid traditions to prove their existence and persistence.


While this post is getting out of hand I want to add one last thing: I want a free Palestine, but not only the freedom from occupation, but also from its own people. If Palestine will be another copy of an Islamic country, then I want none of it. If the people of Palestine will keep their mind traditional just the way it is, then please keep dreaming about a fake freedom. Freedom only comes when your mind is free, and independent.