From Rome with Love

I just wanted to share pictures from my last trip to the magical city of Rome.

Because I don’t have enough money and time, I hardly ever travel. So yes, I’m making a huge deal out of my trip to Rome.

It was a spectacular visit.

I took many pictures with my DSLR camera, but I’m only sharing pictures I took with my phone.


Windows and Balconies

Pictures of the Streets of Barcelona – 2016

“Windows and Balconies”

Barcelona and its fascinating architecture.

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Hamburg – 2017

Last week I returned from my trip to Germany. I would like to share some of the pictures I took (and edited using Instagram).

I fell in love with the city. Though it wasn’t a cheap city (compared to the rest of Germany), it was very lovely. It wasn’t very crowded like the rest of the big cities all over the world, and it was filled with water (lakes and rivers), and lots of green (trees and others). It has more bridges than Amsterdam, London and Venice all together. It’s beautiful, and we were lucky the weather was warm (and summer-like) to let us enjoy every part of our tourist adventure.

Some captions ftom Amsterdam

Taken by me with Canon 1100D
Edited with windows editor program with instagram additional filters.





Amsterdam 2016


Even if you go for one short day, you’ll need two years to get out of Amsterdam. You keep thinking about it like it was only yesterday, and you just need (not want) to get back to it, and maybe stay there forever.
Far away from your own horrid reality.

Some captions from Spain

An alley in Barcelona


A boat in the port of Barcelona


Almudena’s Cathedral in Madrid


And finally, a picture of me posing in some street on Barcelona