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Rise, my dear.

My dear,Rise! You’ll be alright. All of this — all will be gone. Your agony, anguish, and anger will all — be gone. Go to sleep. In your sleep you’ll find beauty, will find love, and escapades – from your dark real mind. And when the sun rises, you’ll rise too. Strong and great. Now, […]

When I was a pretty girl

I was aware of my own deep desires. I knew what kind happiness I wanted. When I was a pretty girl, I was young and nice. Sweet. I never wanted to hurt myself. I was pretty back then. I was clean and my heart was clear. No history, no dark, filthy, and hideous secrets to […]

I Have Not Loved you

A poem I wrote last year on April. And sharing it here again today for Valentine’s day – my most miserable day of the year, and I sense this year won’t be no exception.  Enjoy. It was an experiment indeed I did not care what you feel You were nothing but a man I shared intimacy […]

My Judas

Peace on Thursday night ; with Holiness, greatness, and mysteries. Last supper it was; our secret night, My Judas. Only for us, together. Remember what I gave you my Judas. That night I gave you all: My trust, my devotion, my love, my all. I served you my blood, (did you taste it?) I gave […]