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Rise, my dear.

My dear,Rise! You’ll be alright. All of this — all will be gone. Your agony, anguish, and anger will all — be gone. Go to sleep. In your sleep you’ll find beauty, will find love, and escapades – from your dark real mind. And when the sun rises, you’ll rise too. Strong and great. Now, […]

Some captions ftom Amsterdam

Taken by me with Canon 1100D Edited with windows editor program with instagram additional filters.

Nothing About Them

I have known nothing about them I have been living in a misty cave for hundreds of years I have been trapped in a reality that was not my own I have known nothing but the sweet darkness and the faint glimmer of the stars I have not seen the eyes the minds and the […]

My Childhood Back

I want to go back to that place, in my deepest memory, I want to go back to that cave of grass of all smells, shapes and colors… where I dreamed about a field that was lighten by the glorious light of dreams. I want to go back to that ocean that was filled with […]

Lying in the Dark

We were lying there in the dark. Thinking. Again,  about mistakes, Things we should have said, Tears we should have held, Vows we should have kept. In the dark we didn’t stop thinking, about those flickers of light That passed in the streets, Late at night, Very late, In the dead night, There everything was […]