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When She (Lilith) Took Me by Surprise

I must confess I was sitting idle at that time My interest lied in the smallest of matters Until that call I received About a character I haven’t truly met It took me by surprise. To get to know her To explore her reality To acknowledge her beauty And many talents I find her in […]

Help Build Khashabi Ensemble Theatre

I’m going to dedicate this post to support local artists I know. I studied theatre with them and they deserve all kind recognition and support, after their hard work. They are young, ambitious, innovative, creative, talented and confident. And, they need your help. Help build Khashabi Ensemble Theatre This is what they have to say: […]

Where no one accepts me I can succeed

It was the final day of the semester, few years ago, when I was still a student at the Theatre Department. I was one of those who never had any previous experience they can relate to when dealing with Theatre performance and arts. I chose to study Theatre because I was interested in the subject […]

13 Words (You Probably Didn’t Know) Were Invented By Shakespeare

I found this article shared by a friend of mine on Facebook, and here, I’m going to share it here. I don’t know how accurate this article is, and whether or not Shakespeare actually did invent these words. Somehow I believe that these kind of words were invented before Shakespeare. But then again, Shakespeare is […]

The fallen maiden

The fallen angel.  I still remember my performance when I was at the theatre department few years ago…  For aome it was “nice”,  for others it was totally wrong,  for me…  It was the perfect fantasy.  And I still live in it,  every day.  The time will come and this might become even more realistic […]

Shakespeare’s love and insults

A collection of Shakespeare’s love quotes and insults. Fun.

Straketch: Write yourself

I’m thrilled to introduce the new Straketch : Write yourself. And I would like to invite every person who wants to write and explore what’s within. No one has to be a professional writer to start composing and experiencing a world of magic. I’m not a professional writer or a good writer for that matter, […]

Straketch will no longer be a personal blog

Original post here Less than a year ago I decided to convert my blog (straketch.com) into a magazine, a cultural magazine about literature, art and what’s related. I was slightly encouraged and thus I have kept postponing it until I have completely forgotten. I am passionate about literature and art, I am passionate about so […]

Prometheus (poem/monologue)

I have tried writing this poem for a class at the university. Surely I have failed to write it for it was supposed to be a dramatic monologue about Prometheus and Pandora, and I don’t know what I was attempting to do here but that’s what I ended up writing   Prometheus Adam Louvre Prometheus […]

The Stage is Yours

I remember the first time I was on stage Did nothing but wanted to be unnoticed The time after I played along with the others But then I had to make a character She was a woman who struggled for success had to sell her body in order to create I was very proud of […]


This is an assignment I’ve had for my dramatic writing class. We had to bring a combination of someone’s dream and a personal myth and here we go: A woman and her reflection in the mirror. Her reflection replies with “Bullshit/Bollocks”. Woman: My name is Katherine  Jonathan McDowell Greene and I am here to enlighten the way. For […]