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Busy people are not your friends

There are many people in our lives that always say that they’re too busy to meet with us. Fact is: they’re not that busy. And they just don’t care enough to make time for us. Resolution is: leave their busy ass alone. I know, it’s not easy. Letting people off simply because they’re busy sounds […]

Rise, my dear.

My dear,Rise! You’ll be alright. All of this — all will be gone. Your agony, anguish, and anger will all — be gone. Go to sleep. In your sleep you’ll find beauty, will find love, and escapades – from your dark real mind. And when the sun rises, you’ll rise too. Strong and great. Now, […]

On Friendship

Friendship will always be part of us, humans, we grow up on friendship, we live, grow old and die on/with it. Friendship is a concept that many of us has failed to comprehend, or to grasp. And yet, most of us think we know what it is. We seldom succeed in appreciating it, or appreciating […]

Those friends thou hast

“Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;” (Hamlet Scene 1 Act 3 – Shakespeare) Unlike many people, I don’t have many friends. I only have few friends I try my best to trust and not depend on. I have few friends, not because I chose to […]

Alone on Valentine’s day

As every year I find myself alone on Valentine’s day, and sometimes I truly wish I can do something about it. I do, I envy those who have their own special ones on that day. Not that it means anything. It’s not like these kind of holidays matter, or should be counted for anything. It’s […]

I Have Not Loved you

A poem I wrote last year on April. And sharing it here again today for Valentine’s day – my most miserable day of the year, and I sense this year won’t be no exception.  Enjoy. It was an experiment indeed I did not care what you feel You were nothing but a man I shared intimacy […]

Josh Groban – February Song

I personally love this song a lot and I think it’s a good way to start February. Josh Groban has an extremely powerful voice and his songs are touching. I can’t wait for his next album that is coming out very soon.  

To the man with two faces

I have written this poem few months ago and have never published it because I’ve forgot to finish it and have forgot about it. Now that I saw it hanging in there on my notepad I looked at it and thought I can’t really edit it or finish it, so I’ll simply post it here […]