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The Ten years challenge

I can easily just post a picture of myself in 2009, and another one from today, but why is that a challenge? “I challenge you to show a picture of you ten years ago!” I honestly don’t recall having any real embarrassing pictures of myself ten years ago, but I could find myself in a […]

Getting Old, or just Older.

“Can I just stay 25!!!” among the things some people say who are growing beyond the age of 25. I personally always reply “I can’t wait to my thirties.” which sounds ridiculous and out of place. But I always say that to allow people to know that there is much more than age, and growing […]

Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

From Buzzfeed It’s hell getting old. Well, not always. Somehow I feel like I’m already in my late 20s.  Early twenties: the morning after four drinks. Source: youtube.com Late twenties:   Source: Tumblr.com Trying to lose five pounds, early twenties: no problem! Source: Tumblr.com Late twenties: Bye-bye, metabolism! Source: Tumblr.com Early twenties: finding out someone was gossiping about you.  Source: Tumblr.com […]