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The Ten years challenge

I can easily just post a picture of myself in 2009, and another one from today, but why is that a challenge? “I challenge you to show a picture of you ten years ago!” I honestly don’t recall having any real embarrassing pictures of myself ten years ago, but I could find myself in a […]

Rebloggoed: 50 Gentle Reminders For When You Feel Like You’re Going To Die Alone

Unsplash / Mikail Duran1. You might not have a boyfriend, but you are already loved — by family, by friends, by pets, by the universe. 2. There is more to this world than whether you have a ring on your finger. 3. Your relationship status does not define you as a person, your heart does. […]

Constant race

We live in a constant race. Race with time, people, life, achievements and and self improvement. Why? Why can’t we just relax, and think about happiness for one moment? Happiness is also a race. Who’s happier? Who’s living their lives to the fullest? Who travels more? Who parties more? Who attends all of the events […]

On Happiness

I tend to overthink about happiness, and how happiness can affect my life. I look at happiness as the main ingredient of a healthy life, and I do aim to obtain a healthy life, and a good life. I want to live my life to the fullest, I want to do and achieve everything I […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Three years ago I wrote a list of 25 new year’s resolution. Most of them were juvenile as I was younger and less experienced than today. I don’t usually write resolutions and keep them. Though maybe, this year I should, hang them somewhere where I can see them every single day, and try to keep […]

السّعادة والتّعاسة

و إسا بدي بلش صفحة جديدة عن حياه جديدة، اللي ما فيها ماضي بعيد وكئيب. عشت كآبة الدنيا. مش كلها، نصها، بس كانت كآبة كاملة. كنت عم ابحث عن الكمال وأخذت الكآبة بكاملها. امرات بتسائل، شو انا سويت؟ كيف وصلت لهيك موقف؟ كيف صرت وحدة منهن، من الناس اللي ما لاقت موضوع تكتب عنّة غير […]

I regret

Think only of the past as its memory gives you pleasure, she said. But I cannot always maintain this notion. My thoughts drift back to those dreadful memories of my ignorance. And I regret. Indeed I regret. Not being able to be rational and firm. To make a decision – to claim my happiness as […]

Rules for Life

As the new year began, I found this on facebook and thought of sharing it. These are good resolutions that I wish to keep.  And I’m proud to have this as my first post for this year on my blog.