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A writer, a dream

About ten years ago I decided that I want to become a writer. I was dreaming about becoming one of those best-selling authors that can live this exciting life of just spending time in solitude and write. I spent my late teen years (18 and 19) trying to write. I knew I lacked the language […]

Feelings —

Feelings. I wish I never truly had. Wish I never met you, spoke to you or even saw you. Feelings that I wish I never had feelings… or fell for your eyes and spirit. Wish I never had to go through your shit. Feelings of too many years, of agony and pain. Of love and hatred. […]

My grandmother and Fairouz

Late afternoon, still sunny and warm, sitting on the balcony with my grandmother. There is only one thing to talk about, the good music. We talked about Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra, until I started talking about the French chanson that inspired so many Arab (Lebanese) musicians and singers. After listening to Edith Piaf, we concluded […]

There were days

We had the days all to ourselves Our hearts were beating with anxiety,  with excitement. We had all the days and all nights.  All to ourselves and our dreams. We stared at each other and we smiled. Listening to all music we had. We had the days. These were the days we had to ourselves. […]