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The Ten years challenge

I can easily just post a picture of myself in 2009, and another one from today, but why is that a challenge? “I challenge you to show a picture of you ten years ago!” I honestly don’t recall having any real embarrassing pictures of myself ten years ago, but I could find myself in a […]

When you cling to the past

It is indeed advisable to get to the core of things, have a small journey to the past and understand the reasons. This journey is designed to make us read the sensible letters behind our daily decisions, and our new mistakes. The past designs us and our lives, it leaves us with marks and scars to […]

Last day of the year

It’s suddenly the end the last day of the fourteenth year of this new millennium. The beginning of the millennium was only yesterday and still these fourteen years have passed quickly. I was a child back then and now a woman I am. Was innocent and now experienced with dark magic. A sinner I become […]

I regret

Think only of the past as its memory gives you pleasure, she said. But I cannot always maintain this notion. My thoughts drift back to those dreadful memories of my ignorance. And I regret. Indeed I regret. Not being able to be rational and firm. To make a decision – to claim my happiness as […]

Lost memories

The past is a myth. When anything ends it ceases to exist. I for one can have a strong memory. but every memory I have seems to me like a dream I once had, or a film I have seen, or something I have fantasized about. I find myself wondering if these memories were real, […]