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January is the longest of months

Why does January feel like the longest month of the year? This month contains 31 days, and it is indeed a long month. But so are many other months during the year. Still, January feels like the longest of them all. And for some reason, it feels like it doesn’t end. So many things have […]

Framed Fame

It was nothing but a juvenile dream, Its concept was merely lost in those fake days. Crashing the entire soul and its self-esteem. Still, passion of the immortal art held eternal grace While the white smoke cleansed the signing air; All polluted with fine roses and unaging desires. My foes and allies amused themselves with […]

Great artists/creators

I find myself caught in this moment in which I will have to decide what kind of creator  I wish to become, the good and successful or the loser? the proud or the humble? We choose to write for glory and love, instead of misery and humblness. Creators nowadays are to be proud, thus they […]

Here and There

Here, I stand alone among my shadows. These shadows no longer murmuring, The words they held years ago. I hear the echoes of destiny, Whispering, all tones of wilderness. And I, by myself, walk to the edge of the seven boundaries of the earth, climb the thirteen mountains of wisdom, and finally, fight the army […]

Social Life

I’ve tried writing a poem about social life and networks (on the internet and off the internet). I’m not very much pleased with what I have written but here it is: You want people to know you exist, Cannot be captured in that mist, (the mist appeared lovely from far away though) There is that […]

Loneliness of July

(I wrote this two years ago.) By exploring her beliefs and strength she came to realize that she was alone. While being alone no one cared to show her the path to the idealized harmony with society. However, she found a progressive harmony with nature. Nature seems to disobey her demands, while her desires were […]

Lost memories

The past is a myth. When anything ends it ceases to exist. I for one can have a strong memory. but every memory I have seems to me like a dream I once had, or a film I have seen, or something I have fantasized about. I find myself wondering if these memories were real, […]

You’re naïve

Naive Art Go home young girl Go and live in your fantasies Dance with the limpid rain wear that black dress and get your self wet and cold. You’re naïve you have no idea what is there you have no clue what to do.   you can’t always teach yourself, learn alone and gain experience […]

I Have Not Loved you

A poem I wrote last year on April. And sharing it here again today for Valentine’s day – my most miserable day of the year, and I sense this year won’t be no exception.  Enjoy. It was an experiment indeed I did not care what you feel You were nothing but a man I shared intimacy […]

My Childhood Back

I want to go back to that place, in my deepest memory, I want to go back to that cave of grass of all smells, shapes and colors… where I dreamed about a field that was lighten by the glorious light of dreams. I want to go back to that ocean that was filled with […]

I’m an Arab

What makes me an Arab? The fact that I speak Arabic? Or that I’m a middle eastern? Or that my origin is Arab? There are a lot of questions I have to ask concerning my identity. A lot of issues with accepting my reality. Yet,  all I know that I am a person,  who can […]

أنا متحررة

كنت متدّينة، ألحدت، ورجعت أآمن، شوي. بحب احكي اللي بفكر فيه وأكون صريحة، على القليلة مع نفسي. أنا بنت عادية، أنا متحررة. بحبش ألبس مشلّح، بحبش أرقص بس بحب أغني، على زوقي. بحكي كيف بدي، واللي مش عاجبه يسكّر دينيه. أنا متحررة. بحبّش ادخن، ولا أشرب، ولا أنام مع شباب…   بحب أقرا وأكتب، كثير. […]