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I live here

I always feel that I should live somewhere else in the world. Perhaps a European city, like Paris, Berlin or Rome. but here I am, living five minutes away from the beach, in a city that is always overlooked by everyone. I live in Haifa, the bride of sea. Isn’t that a nickname of every […]

Right by the blue sea

Do you remember when the sea was blue? Blue as its sky? Or as that shirt that you once wore and never again? Why is blue a cold color? just like our seas, and our mountains. Just like our fantasies and desires. I still remember that day, when the sea was blue, and the breeze […]

Photos of Haifa (beach)

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Here where the sea stands

Here where the sea stands, alone calmly. I wish there was a wind, a heated wind, to crash the silence. This wind, a life savior, will turn this sea to a raging monster that will defeat every living with its infinite might. It will change the course of being, the seasons of love, the roles […]