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Right by the blue sea

Do you remember when the sea was blue? Blue as its sky? Or as that shirt that you once wore and never again? Why is blue a cold color? just like our seas, and our mountains. Just like our fantasies and desires. I still remember that day, when the sea was blue, and the breeze […]

Adele, Fairouz, and the Arab World

The new song “Hello” by Adele came out and everyone fell completely in love with it. Some others were annoyed by people’s obsession and decided to complain each time they hear it or see it on their Facebook feed. I personally liked the song and I think Adele has an amazing voice. Reasons why people are so […]

A song for Christmas – Fairytale of New York

Here goes my favorite Christmas song that I have to share every Christmas. Usually my sister and I sing it every Christmas, except this year, because she’s away. Today I realized that one of the main reasons I can be a bit gloomy is not having her this Christmas.

There were days

We had the days all to ourselves Our hearts were beating with anxiety,  with excitement. We had all the days and all nights.  All to ourselves and our dreams. We stared at each other and we smiled. Listening to all music we had. We had the days. These were the days we had to ourselves. […]

A House in Ma’lul

Sometimes I have this dream/thought of going to Ma’lul (the town my family was depopulated from) and build my own house (I will start with a tent of course) and let the Israeli army/country deal with it. Today is the 65th commemoration day of the Nakba , and all I can think about is that there should be […]

Nina Simone – Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair